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UnderMain, Inc., a Kentucky-based non-profit established in 2014, promotes arts and culture goings-on within the MidWest region. With an editorial mission committed to publishing quality writing from informed perspectives, UnderMain attracts an intelligent, engaged, and ever-widening audience with an appreciation for art and critical discourse.

UnderMain Magazine reaches over 10,000 unique visitors per month on the site itself in a broad, assignable list of categories such as Scene & Heard (current arts news), Studio Visit (a look into individual artists’ working methods), and collections addressing many modern issues in artmaking.

All of our advertising is sold directly; we do not use a third-party ad platform to sell or display ads. This means your ads will always be regionally relevant, placed by a locally-knowledgeable person at UnderMain—never by an algorithm.

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We offer your business the ability to buy out entire categories of editorial material for allotted time periods. This means your ads will never be remaindered by a statistics engine counting views, nor will they appear next to the kind of cheap, badly-designed advertising ad networks attract.

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We offer three placement sizes.

1) a full-width banner at top, middle, and bottom of page (970 x 90). all of these banners change to a 300 x 250 square on mobile.

2) a siderail half page ad for advertisers requiring a special focus (300 x 600), which changes to a 300 x 250 square on mobile.

3) a stamp ad, appearing along the siderail of the homepage–perfect for small galleries attracting general attention (150 x 150)

As well, the the UnderMain Newsletter reaches over 700 highly engaged subscribers, with a 50% open rate and a 23% clickthrough rate. Each UnderMain newsletter includes a 300×250 box ad.

All our ad sizes are industry-standard. Your designers won’t have to generate custom sizes or redesign existing material to fit.

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We offer design services should you not have access to your own designer. Please reach out! We’re happy to help your business look good in the public eye.

Well-Vetted & Relevant

We accept advertising from sponsors that is relevant, interesting, and engaging to UnderMain readers. Our readership trusts that the quality of our endorsement is respectful to their attention; their support of our advertisers reflects that trust.