Koan Jeff Baysa

Kōan Jeff “KJ” Baysa, a physician and farmer who merges the areas of science and contemporary art, has participated in medical missions in conflict zones and organises art activism projects. A Clinical Immunology Fellow at UCSF, he practiced medicine in the Bay Area, Manhattan, and Honolulu and looks at the cultural constructs of disease and the well being of the individual in the context of the health of the planet. An alumnus of the Whitney ISP, he is a member of AICA, the international association of art critics and IKT the international association of curators of contemporary art. The Artistic Director of iBiennale, the globally itinerant art event, he is a curatorial advisor for the Fresh Winds Biennale in Iceland and the Congo Biennale in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ancient Stars, New Constellations

The COVID-19 pandemic has been crowned "the world’s unrivaled equalizer"...