Photo Essay: The Wall Says ‘Take a Knee’

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There is a quiet protest going on in Louisville. Actions that speak volumes, and in the language of the visual.  Everyone who is anyone is there: from Oprah to Obama and Beshear to Biden.

Thomas English had planned to create a mural honoring the Negro League’s 100th anniversary. The site: under the viaduct on Broadway near 35th Street in Louisville. But his plan quickly changed in the wake of the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. And so began the “Take a Knee” project.

If you visit and you’re lucky enough, Thomas will offer you a brush and ask you to contribute – as he did one Saturday morning for a group of children and passersby from Atlanta.

Artist Cheryl Johnson has painted here for years. You will find her here almost every day, painting portraits of those she feels should be recognized. It’s an honor to be surrounded by those Thomas and Cheryl revere.

Do yourself a favor and head over to Broadway in Louisville to take a look and take a knee. In the meantime, go there through my lens. Enjoy the scroll!

Editor’s note: Documentary photographer Sarah Hoskins joins the UnderMain team of contributors. To learn more about Sarah and discover her works, visit

Sarah Hoskins
Sarah Hoskins
Sarah Hoskins considers herself a documentarian. Using photographs and writing to share stories of people and places you might not otherwise have the opportunity to know.
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